Bought a new watch

I was supposed to meet friends in Bras Basah area so I decided to leave house early and drop by Bras Basah Complex. I heard from Pooh Bear that there were some watch shops on the ground floor and I had been thinking about buying a watch for a while. My watch was spoilt since January and in the meantime I had been using my handphone to tell the time. It worked well enough but I missed the ease of having a watch where I could easily tell the time with a glance to my wrist rather than having to rummage in my bag for my handphone.

There were 3-4 watch shops in Bras Basah Complex. They were all situated next to one another. I wanted a Citizen Eco-Drive watch so it narrowed down the choices by quite a bit. Plus I’m quite fussy with what features I wanted in my watch. As Pooh Bear said, “It’s a wonder you actually bought something!”

My requirements:

  • a Citizen Eco-Drive watch
  • a dark watch face, white faces are immediately out
  • no little dials on the watch face
  • must have numbers for the hours, no need all twelve but at least two
  • no roman numerals
  • no leather strap, metal is fine but rubber or nylon is best
  • at least 100 meters water resistant
  • at least show the date, best if it shows the day as well
  • no bling bling
  • as cheap as possible!

Nothing caught my eye in the first shop so I moved on. Kwang Guan Watch & Pen Dealer was the second shop I went to. There were quite a few customers in the shop and the boss was kept busy running around the shop. The boss was a friendly, soft-spoken man. Kwang Guan carried quite a lot of Citizen watches, even those that were not Eco-Drive. I spent much longer looking at the watches than I planned to. It was irritating that all the price tags for the watches were hidden and I wasn’t able to tell which was a cheap watch and which was an expensive watch.

Finally I narrowed down to this black and red watch and this blue watch. I’ve always liked the black and red color combination but there were several things I did not like about it. First the strap exterior is made of nylon but the interior is made of a suede-like material which I immensely dislike. There was also no numbers on the dial and when I was wondering if I could live without numbers, the boss came and stood by my side.

“So, which watch you like better?”

“Er, I can’t decide.”

“Blue lah. You seemed to like blue more.”

And so I bought the blue watch.

Citizen Eco-Drive watch BM7070-15L

Like the bridegroom who had cold feet at the altar, I suddenly felt like snatching back the card as I went to pay for the watch. I couldn’t help feeling heart pain as $278 was the most expensive watch I have ever bought. But I sliently consoled myself, saying that it was still cheaper than the $300 black and red watch.

Anyway, it all worked out in the end. I much preferred the rubber strap to the suede-like material of the other. The more I looked at the blue watch, the more pleasing it looked and the more suitable it was for me. The blue watch did fulfill all my criteria, just that I didn’t realized it then. I came to the conclusion that I was blinded because other watch had my favorite color combination but sadly it would just be a love affair that wouldn’t last.

Citizen Eco-Drive watch BM7070-15L

The boss knew what I wanted before I even realized it myself. He must be one wise old Jedi.


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