Da Luca Italian Restaurant

Mao Mao and I had dinner at Da Luca Italian Restaurant.

White asparagus and parma ham

It seemed that it was the season for white asparagus again. The white asparagus were served with hollandaise sauce and parma ham. The white asparagus were juicy. It was also softer and milder in flavor than the green asparagus. There was a very subtle, delicate sweetness. The parma ham came in paper-thin slices. This was the first time I tried parma ham and found it full flavor.

Rabbit ragout with pasta sheets

I finally got to try rabbit meat. We ordered rabbit ragout with pasta sheets. The rabbit meat tasted a bit like chicken. There was enough difference in the flavor for me to know that it was not chicken meat but I was not sure if it was really the case or it was due to the sauce. The dish came with sheet pasta and at first glance, it seemed that there was too much pasta and too little meat. Mao Mao felt that it took a while to get use to the taste but the more she ate, the better it tasted.

Four cheese pizza

We also had four cheeses pizza which was strong smelling. When it was delivered to the table, Mao Mao exclaimed that the smell of the pizza overpowered the rabbit ragout. The smell was stronger than the taste. The pizza was salty and cheesy. There were pockets of salty cheese so parts of pizza would taste a bit different.

Da Luca Italian Restaurant
1 Goldhill Plaza, #01-19/21 Goldhill Plaza
Tel: 62584846

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