Preparing for my trip

KKH passed me some documents that the travel agency sent us for our trip. She pointed out this part which says:

Your trip may require a level of physical fitness above that of more traditional vacations […] We especially recommend conditioning of the legs, lungs and heart. You do not have to be an athlete, but you do want to be in the best health and condition to get the most from your trip.

So I decided to start exercising a little bit. I climbed up eight floors and found that I’m pretty unfit. As I still about 1.5 months to the trip, hopefully it will be enough time for me to be reasonably fit. I comforted myself by saying that I don’t have to be very fit, just reasonably so.

I shall attempt to walk up the stairs each day to my home. I will also try to avoid sweets, meaning no ice-cream, no cakes, no bubble tea, no chocolates. Sigh, I love sweets. It will be tough.


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