Travel vaccination

Travel vaccination

KKH and I went to the Travellers’ Health and Vaccination Clinic at Tan Tock Seng Hospital for our vaccination. There were a lot of people at the clinic and we waited for almost one and a half hours to see the doctor. KKH only needed two injections because she already had other vaccinations done for previous trips. I would need four injections – for typhoid, yellow fever, hepatitis A and tetanus. We went to another room where we got our injections. I had two injections on each arm but the nurse was so quick that everything took less than a minute. Three of them was like a pin prick but there was one that felt particularly painful, as if the needle went straight to the bone.

Yellow fever vaccination

My vaccinations cost a total of $257 with yellow fever being the most expensive at $132. We were advised to drink lots of water and told that we might experience some side effects like slight fever and stuff. We got our vaccination cards after paying. I will need to keep this safe as I will need to show the proof of yellow fever vaccination for one part of this trip. I would also need to show this for subsequent trips to other countries. So I must not lose this.

One last stop at the pharmacy to get some anti-malaria pills for our trip. We would need seven pills which cost another $26.50. I think that’s quite enough spending for one day. I will shop for the rest of the essentials another day.


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