Steamboat coma

Big Ben, Mao Mao, Si Hamil, Spider and I went for a food coma session during lunch. The guys came up with the term. Basically you just eat so much that you feel like you will slip into a coma at the end of the meal.

We went to a Hainanese steamboat restaurant somewhere in Golden Mile. In addition to the steamboat set, we also ordered half a chicken, Hainanese pork chop, fried tofu, fried little squids and satay. Most of us had a bowl of chicken rice too. I love the chicken rice, it was so fragrant. In the end, the bill came up to $5 less than what nine guys from office ate the week before.

It was a filling meal but only Big Ben and Si Hamil felt like they were going into coma at the end of it. So it was no surprise that Big Ben and Si Hamil skipped dinner because they were still full from lunch. The rest of us were a comfortable full. I still had a chicken chop for dinner which the rest informed me was an “utterly disgusting” behavior. Ha ha.


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