An afternoon with Sayang

Sayang was back for a short while to attend a wedding. I knew that she would be busy meeting up with relatives and friends so if I was going to see any sight of her, I would have to take leave and meet her on a weekday. Even so, her schedule was so packed that she had to keep changing the date and it was not confirmed until one or two days before. So I took a full day because I’m not hardworking enough to want to go to work in the morning. I told Sayang that I made a very big sacrifice because I gave up a day of earning money just to accompany her, ha ha. Sayang immediately said, “Rubbish!”

Beef onion portobello burger

Sayang wanted to try out a dim sum buffet. We did not make any reservations, thinking that it’s a weekday and there should be enough tables. But when Sayang went at 12 noon, she found it fully booked. So we went to Cedele @ Wheelock Place for lunch. I was feeling hungry so I ordered a Beef Onion Portobello Burger with pumpkin bread ($14.80). Too bad Cedele did not have chocolate chip pancakes anymore or I would have ordered that for dessert.

Sayang brought me to Canele Patisserie @ Shaw Centre for dessert. I had passed by it before but I had not tried their desserts.

Triple chocolate cheesecake

I had a triple chocolate cheesecake (around $8). It was nice and did not feel overly rich as the portions of cheese and chocolate were just right.

Strawberry shortcake

Sayang had the strawberry shortcake (around $6.50) which was light and fluffy. There were a lot of strawberries in the cake.

Having eaten a full meal, Sayang dragged me to Mango first, then Zara. She wanted to buy some new clothes because according to her, she had a new haircut and none of her clothes matched it. Excuses only. I’m not interested in shopping for clothes so I just followed Sayang around the shop. Sayang kept urging me to pick up some clothes so we could go and try them together. I rolled my eyes and ignored her.

When we finally stepped out of Zara, it was pouring heavily. Both of us had umbrellas but the rain was so heavy that my shoes and jeans still got wet. We hurried to Wheelock Place and then walked through the underpass to the MRT station. If it wasn’t raining so heavily we might have walked to Somerset but it was, so we took the train instead.

After Sayang did more shopping, I brought her to Jewels Artisan Chocolate @ Orchard Central. The shop was an open area next to the escalator but because there wasn’t heavy traffic so it still felt pretty peaceful and isolated.

Grand Cru hot chocolate and blood orange sorbet

Both of us ordered the blood orange sorbet ($3.80) which was sweet and tangy. I had a Grand Cru hot chocolate ($6.80) with mashmallow toppings while Sayang had cafe latte. I loved the hot chocolate which was thick, creamy and milky. I supposed that’s the way I like it. We stayed there for a while and chitchat.

It stopped raining after a while and we were able to walk to Dhoby Ghaut. I said goodbye to Sayang who went off to meet another group of people for dinner.


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