El Sheikh Restaurant

I went with Mao Mao, her husband and their friend to try Lebanese food at El Sheikh Restaurant. It was a two storey shophouse and looked rather rundown and dubious. I was glad of their company as I would not dare to go in by myself.

We could sit either downstairs or upstairs. Downstairs was a typical dining area with tables and chairs. Upstairs was divided into two areas, a carpeted room with a couch and lots of cushions for you to sit on the floor and an open area for alfresco dining. We had to remove our shoes to enter the upstairs room. We chose the couch as it was right next to the fan.

We had a sheikh mezze which was an appetitizer set consisting of a few dishes accompanied by flat bread.

Lebanese salad

There was a salad with a tangy, refreshing dressing. I quite like it as it helps to clear the palate.


The falafel was made of grounded beans and deep fried. It had a crunchy outer layer and would do well as a snack. Mao Mao’s husband said he bought a bag of this during his holiday in Egypt and munched on them throughout the day.


This looked like samosa and tasted like one too. It was quite nice although it felt like I was eating local food.


This was the first time I tried hummus and it was quite nice. It had an aftertaste that made me think strangely of cheese. Mao Mao said that the hummus was not as good as another restuarant she had tried before.


The Motabbal was made of diced eggplants and sesame paste. It tasted about the same as the hummus except that it did not have a aftertaste.

El-Sheikh chicken

For the main course, we had a El Sheikh chicken which was marinated and grilled. It was juicy and tasty. It came with some yellow rice which tasted exactly like biryani rice. It also came with some sauce but I thought the chicken and the rice were flavorful enough on their own and didn’t need the sauce.

Mixed grill

We also ordered 0.5 kg of mixed grill which consisted of grilled chicken, grilled lamb and grilled katfa. It came with a saucer of garlic mayonnaise and a plate of yellow rice. The grill was nice and I liked the katfa best. Mao Mao concluded that the grill here was nicer than the other restaurant she mentioned.

El Sheikh Restaurant
18 Pahang Street, Singapore
Tel: +65 62969116


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