Corned beef for dinner

I bought a can of corned beef at the beginning of the week. It was one of those cans that you need to turn a key to open. It was only when I wanted to open the can then I noticed that the key was missing. It must have fallen off. I tried pulling on the small piece of metal (that should be inserted into the key) and cut my thumb. Luckily it was a shallow cut. Finally I managed to open the can using an old can opener.

Corned beef and pita bread

I loved onions so I chopped up a big red onion and cooked it for a while before adding the corned beef. I ate the corned beef with wholemeal pita bread warmed up in the oven. The corned beef was nice but pretty oily.

Cold tofu

So I was glad that I also prepared some cold tofu. I just poured light soy sauce over the tofu. I was too lazy to grate ginger or chop spring onions and eat it the way it should be eaten. But it was good enough for me. The cold tofu was refreshing to eat in such hot weather and helped to take away the oiliness of the corned beef.


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