Took out wisdom tooth


I took out my wisdom tooth today. I had been feeling some discomfort on the left side so I went to see a dentist two weeks ago. My first visit after ten years! The dentist took an x-ray and it showed that the wisdom tooth was lying on its side. Because of its position, food kept getting stuck there and it was hard to brush. It was also affecting the other teeth in front of it so the dentist advised me to take it out soon. She said, “It’s better to take out one [tooth] now, then take out three [teeth] later.” Since it was inevitable, I decided to take out it rather than prolong the agony. I had to make another appointment as my case was complicated so I had to wait for the expert.

Today was the day and I was very scared. I hovered around the entrance of clinic for a minute or so, gathering up my courage before I went in. The op was done by an experienced dentist who had been doing this for 40 years. I think he was the expert who runs around to different clinics as and when he was needed. I heard him said that he has done a similar op in the morning at the Ang Mo Kio clinic. My previous dentist was also there to assist and to learn. More for the benefit of the younger dentist than for me, the elder dentist kept a running commentary as he proceeded with the op. I heard things like:

“Now I made three incisions here on the gum.”
“Now I push the gum back to expose the tooth.”
“Now I’m going to drill away the bone to expose the root.”
“After I finished stitching, I like to press down so that the blood would flow out of the hole.”

Pieces of my wisdom tooth

I couldn’t feel anything so I listened with a sort of perverse fascination. The dentist had the most difficulty taking out the root. It was not only curved with a hook but the two ends were also fused together. It took an hour for the whole op. The anesthesia lasted until I reached home and then it was so painful that I couldn’t take the painkillers fast enough.

One thought on “Took out wisdom tooth

  1. Eeeewwww…your perverse fascination helped you to remember everything the older dentist said to the younger one >.<

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