Removed stitches

The dentist removed four stitches from my wisdom tooth op today. My cheek was still a bit swollen and there was a yellowish tinge where the bruise used to be. But the dentist said that my wound looked clean so it was just a matter of healing. I think that now I’m older, the healing process is slower.

I was on MC for the past week. The first few days were pretty painful. I took painkillers and tried to sleep away the pain. But maybe cos now I’m older, it is difficult for me to sleep the whole day away. For first part of the week, I could only sleep and then watch TV when I couldn’t sleep. It’s too painful to do anything other than stone in front of the TV. When the pain sort of lessen in the later part of the week, I rediscovered my love for gaming. I played some games that I bought last year. They were on sale then but I didn’t get around to playing them until I was home on MC. I played day and night and it felt nice to be able to game again without having to worry about being interrupted by mundane things like work.


I played Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale which was a quirky little game about an item shop owner. It was set in a fantasy world. It was a fun game, a bit short but pretty hard. I had to restart four or five times before I completed the game. The main goal was to earn enough money to pay back an increasing amount at the end of every week. It was possible to do it in one sitting. You would need to just concentrate on buying and selling stuff but it also meant that you can’t do any fun stuff like exploring dungeons until you finished clearing the debt. I spent over 20 hours on this game.

Mass Effect

Next I played Mass Effect. It was set in a futuristic sci-fi world. The lead is always someone named Shepard but otherwise you could customize the back story, looks, gender and class of the character. Although there were default male and female Shepards available, I preferred to customize my Shepard because I thought the default male Shepard looked ugly.

John Shepard

See, Polar Shepard looked nicer. For his back story, I chose “Colonist” and “Sole Survivor”. It meant that he was born on a colony on another planet and when he was in his teens, slavers raided and destroyed his colony. He was later saved by an Alliance (human) spaceship and enrolled in the military later. During a mission, his crew was wiped out and he was the only one where survived. It was cool to hear other people referring to these incidents during conversations. Each back story will also triggered a specific mission tied to the history of the character. It felt like Polar Shepard could be a real person, a hero in a movie. So during conversations, I tried to make choices that would be what this character would say. He was mostly good because I am mostly good. Ha ha!

I had fun playing this game and combat wasn’t as difficult as I feared. Maybe it was because I set it to “Casual” setting. Polar Shepard was also a sniper so he could avoid quite a bit of close quarters fighting. I spent around 45 hours on this game because I also tried to do all the optional side missions. I think if I concentrated only on the story missions, it would take me half the time and much less fun. The developers added a lot of history and character to the different alien species. I ended up liking the aliens in my crew more than the humans.

There’s a Mass Effect 2 but it’s a new set of characters and I would prefer having my own crew back. I think I will wait for Mass Effect 3 to be out before I decide if I want to buy Mass Effect 2.


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