Nail-less Toe

I went back to the polyclinic for the third time. The nurse removed my dressing and said that my toe had healed so there was no need for anymore dressing. I just need to be careful with it as the skin in that area was still tender. I went back to office and a lot of people came to look at it. Half were grossed out and half had no reaction. I felt like an exhibit.

Big Ben was one of those grossed out ones. I met him in the lift as we were leaving the office. He saw my toe and was totally grossed out. So I told him, “Are you a man or not? Stop being so screamish.”

“Are you hitching a ride in my car?” Big Ben countered.

“Oh ya, er, well, er, it’s ok to be screamish then. Don’t look,” I said quickly.

Big Ben said that I was like a mutant and Si Hamil added, “Like X-Men: Second Class.”

I laughed and asked them what was my mutant power.

“The power to gross people out,” Si Hamil replied.


2 thoughts on “Nail-less Toe

  1. I only have one concern – Why aren’t there any photos of the nail-less toe ? Why? I would have been very fascinated ha ha.

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