How a bird one upped Mao Mao

Cow brought Mao Mao, Spider and I to a very nice roast meat place for lunch. Near the car park, on the other side of the fence, was a large cage filled with many different types of birds. So we went to take a look at them after lunch. As we were admiring the birds, we heard a tiny little voice saying “Hello” but there was no one in sight. Curious, we looked over the fence, trying to find the source of the voice.

“Hello,” came the voice again.

Then we realized that it came from a black hill mynah. As we looked at it, it went “Hello” again. Then it said “你好” in dialect. Spider whipped out her phone to take a video of it.

Mao Mao was very tickled by hill mynah and said “你好” in Mandarin to it.

To which the hill mynah replied, “你好吗?”

All of us laughed and said that Mao Mao was one upped by a bird. The bird’s Mandarin was better than Mao Mao’s.

Before we left, we said “Bye bye” to it and it replied, “Bye bye”. I don’t know if the hill mynah learnt how to say “bye bye” on the spot but if it did, it is a very clever bird.


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