Back in Quito for the night

In the morning, the staff came back and helped to open the safety deposit box. I finished packing and left my luggage outside my cabin for collection before I went for breakfast. We left the lodge at 7:30am and made our way back to Napo River. It was a good thing that we could wear our rubber boots as the trail was muddy. We changed back into our own shoes before we got onto the motorized longboat. Each of us were given a paper bag containing a packet drink, an apple and a packet of cookies to eat on the ride. I ate the apple and saved the rest for later.

After a quick rest stop at the house in town, we proceeded to the airport. It was a short flight back to Quito. There was a man holding a piece of paper with my misspelled name. I got into his van and he drove me to Folklore Hotel, which was where KKH was staying while I was in the rainforest.

KKH met me in the lobby and introduced me to Alex’s wife and brother. She managed to contact Alex (from the Galapagos cruise) with the help of the hotel owner after she lost her bag. Alex was unable to get away as he was still working on the yacht so he asked his wife to help KKH. However his wife spoke no English so she needed the help of an interpreter to communicate with KKH, which was why Alex’s brother was present as well.

I got KKH to tell me how she lost her bag. She seemed rather resigned about it as she told me her story. She joined a day tour and when the tour group stopped for lunch, she placed her bag on the floor beside her. When she finished lunch, her bag was gone. In her bag, among other stuff, were her wallet, her passport and her mobile phone. It was a good thing that she kept her cameras with her, especially her expensive DSLR. She told me that one of her memory cards containing the photos of the first days of the trip was gone with the bag.

I felt bad about KKH’s misfortune. I felt that I was in some way responsible for the loss of her bag. If I did not propose this trip, KKH would not have came to Quito and got her bag stolen. To tell the truth, I thought that something like this would more likely happen to me than KKH as I was the more blur one.

KKH told me that she needed to change her date of departure so she could not leave on the same flight as me. I offered to stay with her in Quito until her travel documents arrived but KKH urged me to go ahead as it would cost extra money to change the departure date for the tickets. She also said that we had already paid for our hotel in Amsterdam so I might as well go ahead.

I settled KKH’s hotel bill for the past few days. Then I went with her to the KLM office and paid for her ticket change. It was a good thing that they let her change her departure date so she did not need to buy a new ticket for the flight. I passed KKH some money for the rest of her stay in Quito and also the packet of cookies given by Sacha Lodge. Then I said goodbye to KKH as she would be staying with Alex’s wife until she flew off.

Folklore Hotel Canoa room

I managed to find my way back to Folklore Hotel with the help of a map that KKH passed me. I took over KKH’s former room and it was quite a nice cosy place. Instead of numbers, Folklore Hotel gave each room a name. My room was called Canoa and it was on the second floor. It cost me USD 33 for a one night stay. Folklore Hotel was situated at the top of a slope and I was panting a bit when I reached the hotel. My legs were starting to ache a little and I suspected the tiredness was due to the altitude. I must remember not to overexert myself.

After resting in my hotel room for a while and drinking a bottle of water, I decided that I should go out and get some food before it gets dark. Around 4pm, I left the hotel and walked in the other direction down the street. There was a bakery at the end of the road. I bought a big bun about the size of my hand. It had sugar on the outside and cheese on the inside. I ate it on the way back to the hotel and it was enough to last me for the rest of the day. Like the first night in Quito, I wasn’t hungry and I ate more because I needed to rather than I wanted to.

Returning back to the hotel, I went to find the hotel owner and asked him to arrange for a taxi to pick me up in the morning. I also asked about the charges for using the internet and found out that it was free for hotel guests. Although the WiFi signal was a little weak and I needed to place my phone on the edge of the bed closest to the door, it was still more convenient then waiting for my turn to use the terminal in the lobby. I checked into the flight and got myself an aisle seat.

I stayed in my room for the rest of the day and just lazed on the bed, occasionally leaving the room to get more water from the water dispenser on the second floor landing. I watched TV and read until it was time to sleep. I went to bed at 9pm as I was feeling tired. I also had to wake up early the next morning to catch my flight. Since it would be difficult to sleep on the plane, I wanted to make sure that I had enough rest before boarding the plane.

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