Morton’s The Steakhouse

Happy birthday

Bell and I would usually treat each other when it was the other person’s birthday. So when it was Bell’s birthday, I would treat her to dinner and when it was my birthday, she would treat me to dinner. This year Bell and I decided to do something different. Instead of treating each other, we decided to celebrate our birthday together by going for a good meal and then splitting the cost. I suggested that we go to Morton’s The Steakhouse for this occasion. I had heard a lot about how good the steaks were at Morton’s and I always wanted to try it. Bell had not tried that restaurant either so it was settled. Morton’s it was then.

Bell made the booking, saying it was for a birthday celebration. We met at the MRT station and walked to the restaurant together. At the restaurant, we were greeted by two of the staff at the entrance. After checking on our reservation, they asked, “Whose birthday is it?” Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Bell immediately pointed at me. So I smiled, shook hands and said “Thank you”. Even though I wasn’t looking at Bell, I could tell from her action that she was immensely pleased that it was me who had all the attention.

The lamp at our table

The cute little pig lamp at our table

We were shown to our table and introduced to our friendly waitress. After we were seated, she wheeled a trolley over and proceeded to introduce us to the various cuts of meat, the seafood and the vegetables that were used in the dishes. These were the real food items and not fake plastic models. Bell and I were a bit horrified when she held up the lobster and we saw it waving its feelers and legs. “It’s alive!” I thought as I stared at it. The waitress left after the lengthy introduction so we could have some time to study the menu. Everything looked so good and we had a hard thing choosing. I remembered that Mao Mao said the portions were filling so we showed some restraint in picking our dishes. In the end, we settled on one appetizer, one main course, one side and one dessert. The waitress pushed another trolley filled with the dessert dishes to our table so we could take a look at what was available before we decide. I was not used to such personal treatment and attention and felt a bit awkward.


The awkward feeling quickly went away when the cocktails and food arrived. I had a limey cocktail which was tasty and strong. None of the watered down stuff that some places served.


Bell enjoyed her lychee cocktail very much and drank up every last drop.

Onion bread

Morton’s served us an Onion Bread which was about the size of a small loaf. It had a lovely onion-ly smell and was tasty. We just teared off bits with our hands and ate it with butter or just plain on its own. It was so good that we had eaten about one-third of it by the time the main course arrived.

Maine Lobster Cocktail

I chose the Maine Lobster Cocktail ($46.50) for our appetizer. When I made my decision, Bell commented, “Obviously the sight of the live lobster did not put you off eating it.” The lobster cocktail came with two sauces: a somewhat spicy cocktail sauce and mustard mayonnaise. Both sauces were tasty and went well with the generous lobster portions.


For the main course, Bell and I had shared a Double Cut Filet Mignon ($97) which the staff divided out and served half to each of us. It was just the steak with a couple of leaves on the plate. The leaves were more for decoration than as a side dish.


The steak was perfectly cooked to a medium rare. It was so soft and tender that it felt like it could just melt in my mouth.

Creamed spinach

For the side dish, we had Creamed Spinach ($23) which was highly recommended by Mao Mao. The portion was quite big and it was probably enough for three or four people. I found it quite tasty and kept taking spoonfuls of it. It was rich and creamy so it was quite filling. Bell and I tried very hard, but we were unable to finish it.

Morton's Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake

For dessert, we had Morton’s Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake. Because it was a birthday celebration, Morton’s gave us the dessert for free. When we cut into it, the hot molten chocolate sauce immediately oozed out. It was really rich and chocolatey. The vanilla ice-cream helped to balance out the richness of the cake.

It came with a lighted candle because it was supposedly my birthday celebration. Normally the cake would be brought to the table by a crowd of waiters who would gather around and sang “Happy Birthday”. Bell and I had requested for no birthday songs as we were quite scared of all the attention. So the manager personally came to our table, shook our hands and wished us “Happy Birthday”. I was quite glad to skip the birthday song as we kept hearing it throughout dinner. By the time we ended our meal, we had heard it 8-10 times. It seemed that a lot of people came to Morton’s to celebrate their birthdays.

We left the restaurant feeling really full. I had not eaten until I was so stuffed for a long time.

Morton’s The Steakhouse
Mandarin Oriental Singapore, Fourth Storey
5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square, Singapore
Tel: +65 63393740

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