Shimbashi Soba

I had dinner with Keropi and Mao Mao at Shimbashi Soba. It was my favorite soba restaurant in Singapore, mainly because it was the only restaurant I know that specialized in soba.

Cold cha soba

I had always preferred soba to ramen so I ordered the classic cold cha soba. The soba was made fresh in the restaurant and tasted very nice. The dipping sauce came with a raw quail egg, chopped spring onions and some wasabi. Not many restaurants gave quail eggs with the soba dipping sauce which was quite a pity. I’ve always felt that the addition of the quail egg made the sauce tasted richer. At the end of the meal, the restaurant gave us a pot of hot water that the soba was cooked in. This was for us to pour into the sauce so we could drink it like a soup.

Salmon yukke

We also ordered some side dishes to share. Mao Mao and I ordered our favorite salmon yukke. I liked this dish a lot and it seemed that every time I went to Shimbashi Soba, I would order it. It was tasty and smelled wonderful mostly due to the oil that was poured over the raw fish. Mao Mao claimed that it was the Japanese chilli oil. This time, I thought the portion looked smaller. Mao Mao confirmed that it wasn’t my imagination as it also looked smaller to her.

Chicken karaage

We shared the chicken karaage which Mao Mao liked. The chicken was quite nice with a thin crispy covering.

Japanese egg omelet

We also ordered the Japanese egg omelet as I fell in love with the sweet egg omelet on my last trip to Japan. Sadly this turned out to be the savory version. But it was still good. The egg was soft, fluffy and pretty tasty.

Dessert platter at Shimbashi Soba

The three of us shared a dessert platter. Since this was Keropi’s first time eating at the restaurant, we ordered a platter so that she could try a bit of everything.

Shimbashi Soba
290 Orchard Road, #B1-41 The Paragon, Singapore
Tel: +65 67359882

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