Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention

Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention

Rixou rented a booth at the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention. As she was manning it alone, she asked the Sora gang to help out. Basically all we had to do was to look after the booth when she went on toilet breaks or lunch breaks. I took the afternoon shift and relieved Rixou so that she could go for lunch. When Rixou returned from lunch, I took the opportunity to walk around.

Mario and Luigi

Nintendo had a booth at the convention, promoting their newly launched Nintendo 3DS handheld which could display 3D images without wearing any glasses. I took a look at some of the games on display. The images really looked 3D. Although the technology worked, I felt that not all the games benefited from the 3D display. The 3D images enhanced some games while for the others, it made little different to the gaming experience. The viewing angle for the 3D display was rather narrow and I had to hold my head in the right position to see a sharp 3D image. The 3D display was only for the upper screen so when I looked from the top screen to the bottom screen, my eyes had to quickly refocus. After some time, I could feel the beginnings of a headache. So I moved on.

Different types of Micky Mouse

In some display cases nearby were Mickey Mouse toys decorated by people from different countries.

Different types of Mickey Mouse

Some of them looked quite nice while others looked like the designer was on a high.

Necoco & Mickey Chocolate Dessert

This was one of my favorites because it looked so yummy!

Ultra Mickey King

I like this one too because I thought it looked quite cool.

Stall at STGCC

There were quite a few stalls at the conventions selling cute stuff and toys. They were quite packed with people and some even had long queues spanning a few stalls.


I came to this open area where a lot of guys were seated at long tables. I spotted neat piles of cards on the table so I suspected that they were going to play a card game. I wondered what card games were they playing. I remembered that Magic: The Gathering was popular years ago but the guys did not seem to be playing that. Some of the cards had pictures of anime girls on them. I wanted to see them play but all the guys were just sitting around and seemed to be waiting for the signal to start the game. I got bored with waiting and left.

I went back and helped out Rixou at her booth. Seeing her selling her comic book, I got nostalgic for the days when the Sora gang came together and sold our comics at events such as these. One by one, we have gotten too busy with work and other responsibilities and stopped drawing. Rixou persevered on and she recently quit her job to follow her dream. I admired her dedication and her guts. I would not have the courage to give up a regular salary. I hoped that Rixou would find success in this industry.


At the end of the day, R2D2 rolled by the booth with a stormtrooper in attendance.

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