Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant

For dinner, Blue Avatar, Mao Mao and I went to Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant which was located on the top floor of Far East Plaza. Mao Mao said that her husband kept telling her about this place but never brought her here. So it was everybody’s first time at this restaurant.

Potato salad

We ordered the Potato Salad ($6.50) which was pretty typical of potato salads served at Japanese restaurants.

Soboro rice

The Soboro Rice ($4) had minced chicken and mushroom on top of the rice. I was surprised to find that it was more sweet than savory. Mao Mao commented that it felt like eating chicken floss.

Garlic pork and cow tongue

After sampling the side dishes, we moved on to the specialty of Nanbantei – the yakitori. On the left was the Garlic Pork (two sticks for $6.10) which had pork and leeks sprinkled with garlic seasoning. The (cow) Tongue (two sticks for $15) was more chewy but quite flavorful as well.

Asparagus maki

The Asparagus Maki (two sticks for $6.10) was a very thin slice of pork wrapped around the asparagus. The asparagus was juicy but I could hardly taste the pork.

Sake harasu

Blue Avatar and Mao Mao loved the Sake Harasu (one stick for $6.90). The salmon belly was tender and juicy. It came with a heaping of grated radish and drizzled with what seemed like ponzu sauce.

Lamb chop

The Lamb Chop (one stick for $9) was quite nice although tasted quite gamy.

Bonjiri and sasami mentaiko

The Sasami Mentaiko (two sticks for $6.90), which was chicken fillet with fish roe, was so-so. The chicken was a bit bland and dry. The salty fish roe added flavor to the chicken, thus saving the dish.


I loved the Bonjiri (two sticks for $4.50) which was chicken backside. It had a crispy outer cover while the inside was juicy. It was not greasy or smelly and was really nice to eat. We felt that the bonjiri, together with the sake harasu, was the best yakitori we had for dinner. We even ordered a second helping.

Nikuzume shiitake

The Nikuzume Shiitake (one stick for $6.40) was shiitake mushroom stuffed with chicken meat. It was rather nice and the mushroom was juicy.

Yaki onigiri

Blue Avatar and Mao Mao tried the Yaki Onigiri (one stick for $4.50). It was sprinkled lightly with some spices and grilled until it had a smokey flavor.

Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant
14 Scotts Road #05-132, Far East Plaza, Singapore
Tel: +65 67335666 / +65 67387470


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