Fell off the bicycle again

I went to East Coast Park and rented a bicycle. It had been a while since I last cycled so the starting was a little wobbly. I was pretty apprehensive about the whole thing but because East Coast Park was quite empty of people, it did not felt as intimidating. At least there would be no kids who decided to suddenly appeared in front of me.

I decided to try and make my way to Changi Beach. The ride went pretty smoothly and I began to relax and enjoy the scenery. It was a mistake to lower my guard. One minute I was looking at the scenery and the next minute I found that my bicycle had hit the metal barrier that separated the cycling path from the canal. I scraped along the barrier for one or two minutes. Then the bicycle toppled in the other direction and I found myself lying on the ground. Far off in the distance, a couple of unseen stray dogs started barking madly.

Cuts on my right foot

I quickly stood up and checked myself over. I had landed on my left side. There were some scratches and bruises but there seemed to be no serious injuries. Somehow the fall tore the big toe nail of my left foot but it was not completely torn off. I pushed it back and it seemed to stay in place. The most serious were the cuts on my right foot which I washed briskly with water from my water bottle. Did you know that fresh blood is bright red in color?

Then I checked the bicycle. The front part of the bicycle had turned 360 degrees so I had to turn it back. One of the brake lines had also came loose. It took a while for me to figured out how to fit it back. While I was doing this, two dogs appeared on the cycling path. They looked at me and I pretended to be just taking a break and admiring the scenery. They were not fooled and gave me a knowing look. Darn. I’m glad that there’s nobody around to witness my humiliation.

Feeling utterly demoralized, I turned back. I still had to cycle back as it was too far to walk. Besides, the cuts on my right foot made it painful to walk as they kept rubbing against the sandal straps. This time I was very careful and paid full attention to the road in front of me. Still, my mood had been spoiled and I could not help giving murderous looks to the other cyclists on the road. Perhaps I’m just not meant to cycle. If I was, I would have wheels on my feet.

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