Meatballs in tomato soup

Meatballs in tomato sauce

I was in such a lousy mood from my disastrous cycling experience that I must had gone a little mad. I went and bought 300g of minced pork, 200g of minced beef and a couple of other ingredients from the supermarket. Then I went home and made meatballs.

I used my friend’s recipe as the base and improvised along the way. First I diced the celery and onions into very small pieces. Then I sweated them a little, cooking the celery first, then adding the onions and some garlic. Once they were softened, I mixed them together with the meat, tofu, egg yolk and some salt and pepper. I then shaped them into balls and added a piece of cheese in the middle. After searing the meatballs, I added them to the tomato soup. Technically, it was supposed to be a sauce but I added too much water and it became a soup instead.

After the soup came to a boil, I let it simmered in low heat for as long as I could before my patience ran out. Watching the soup boil was boring but I dared not walk away. Earlier this year, I needed to heat up some milk in a pot. As it was taking the milk a long time to boil, I walked away forgot all about the pot I left on the stove. By the time I remembered and rushed back to the kitchen, the milk had boiled over. It made a big mess and I spent a long time cleaning up. Determined to avoid another incident, I stood in front of the stove. Then I got bored and my eyes roamed to the bottles on the shelf. Picking out two, I added a dash of Chinese cooking wine and balsamic vinegar to the pot. I added so little that I figured they would do little harm to the thing cooking in the pot. At worst, nobody would taste anything.

But my mood did not get better as I did not feel that the meatballs turned out well. It seemed that I just could not do anything right today. Oh, it was edible and according to my parents, quite tasty but I wasn’t happy about it as I felt that it could be better. Most of the meatballs remained intact but around three to four disintegrated. I also decided that using processed cheese was a bad idea as it did not melt. Possibly tofu was not advisable too. Next time, I would experiment again but with other ingredients.

I made so much meatballs that there were enough for lunch the next day. Somehow I felt that the meatballs seemed to taste better after one day. Even my “Mr Fussy Mouth” brother said they were not bad.


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