Ji De Chi 记得吃

Green tea snow ice

Pooh Bear and I went to Ji De Chi 记得吃 again. This time we tried the green tea snow ice which came with red beans, rice balls and nata de coco. The green tea snow ice was not milky or sweet like the strawberry snow ice. Because it was not milky, some would find it refreshing but the green tea flavor was quite subtle. If I did not pay attention, I would have missed it. I felt a little disappointed as I was expecting something more like green tea ice-cream. The red bean and nata de coco added the sweetness which the snow ice lacked although Pooh Bear felt that the nata de coco did not really go with the green tea flavor. I really like the chewy rice balls.

Mocha sawdust pudding

We also tried the mocha sawdust pudding. The sawdust pudding was a dessert from Macau made with crushed biscuits (hence the sawdust in the name) and cream. As it was mostly made of crushed biscuits, it tasted drier. The one we tried had a layer of cream in between the two layers of biscuit dust. It was creamy although messy to eat as it crumbled easily. A generous amount of chocolate sauce was poured over the sawdust pudding. It was enough to satisfy our sweet tooth but of course there is no such thing as too much chocolate, ha ha.

Ji De Chi 记得吃
Address: 68 Orchard Road, #B2-53 Plaza Singapura, Singapore
Tel: +65 63379828


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