Quiznos vs Subway: meatball sandwich

Quiznos vs Subway

Quiznos and Subway, the two main competitors for sub sandwiches in Singapore. Which had the better sub? To settle this question, Pooh Bear and I bought a sandwich from each shop and ate them in a rather unscientific taste test.

Since Quiznos and Subway had a slightly different selection of sandwiches, we were careful to pick those sandwiches which were available at both places. While Subway lets you choose your veggies and sauce, Quiznos doesn’t so we made sure to choose the toppings so that both sandwiches would match as closely as possible.

Quiznos meatball sandwich

First was the Quiznos sandwich ($7.50) which came with meatballs in tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and mayonnaise. We chose the wheat/brown bread which had a nice outer crust. It was also softer and more flavorful than the Subway wheat bread. The meatballs were slightly bigger than Subway’s and more meaty in flavor. I could hardly taste the tomato sauce but the gooey melted cheese and creamy mayonnaise were a good match for each other. It was messy to eat as cheese and sauce kept oozing out of the sandwich with each bite.

Subway meatball sandwich

For the Subway sandwich ($5.90), we chose wheat bread with tomatoes and olives. For the sauce, we chose mayonnaise to keep it similar to Quiznos. The wheat bread did not have a crunchy outer crust like Quiznos’ and was paler in color. I felt it tasted like plain white bread. Pooh Bear agreed with me and felt that it was not as soft nor as tasty as the Quiznos wheat bread. Subway heaped on a lot of the tomato sauce which was sweet and tangy. Pooh Bear commented that it felt like she was eating spaghetti. I guess whether it was a good thing or not would depend on how much you like spaghetti. We could hardly taste the meatballs under the tomato sauce. It was just as messy to eat.

Chocolate chip cookies from Quiznos and Subway

We also tried the chocolate chip cookies from both places. Side by side, it was easy to tell that Quiznos’ chocolate chip cookie was bigger than Subway’s chocolate chip cookie. The Quiznos cookie was softer and doughier. Because it was warmed up by the staff, the chocolate bits were nice and melty.

Chocolate chip cookies from Quiznos and Subway

Quiznos cookie on top, Subway cookie below

The Subway cookie was firmer and had a crispness which the Quiznos cookie lacked. It also tasted sweeter.


Pooh Bear and I liked the Quiznos meatball sandwich better. In general it was tastier and you do taste the meatball which was what a good meatball sandwich should be. Not drenched and totally overpowered by the tomato sauce. Pooh Bear felt that since the Subway sandwich was cheaper by $1.60, their meatball sandwich might be more value for money as it was still tasty and filling, just not as good as the Quiznos sandwich.

We were divided on the cookies. Pooh Bear preferred the Subway cookie while I picked the Quiznos cookie mainly because it tasted more chocolatey. But we both agreed that the difference between the cookies was slight so either one would be just as good as the other.

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