Saigon Sandwich @ Baguette

Saigon Sandwich @ Baguette

I bought a Saigon Sandwich ($6.40) from Baguette for dinner. All the sandwiches were available in two sizes; regular (6 inch) and mini (4 inch). The sandwich contained three slices of different flavored ham, pate, marinated carrot and daikon, cucumber, a couple slices of chilli and some parsley. So it was about 70% veggies and 30% meat. So while it was filling, it might not satisfy meat lovers. But because of the veggies, it was light and refreshing and not a after-lunch-coma-inducing sandwich.

This was a fairly dry sandwich. There wasn’t a lot of sauce so it wasn’t messy to eat. I couldn’t really tell the differences between the different ham slices and could hardly taste the pate which was a little disappointing. Even then, this was a pretty tasty sandwich. I particularly liked the crunchy carrots and daikon which had a slightly sweet taste. The spicy chilli added a kick to the sandwich but the parsley was hardly noticeable.

Square 2 @ Novena, 10 Sinaran Drive #02-68/69
Tel: +65 63972078

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