Awfully Chocolate

After work, Pooh Bear and I dropped by Awfully Chocolate to try some of their other offerings. Awfully Chocolate was famous for their chocolate cakes but we wanted to try the other items on the menu. Both of the items we tried looked like it was a one person portion but were actually too rich for one person to eat all by himself; once again proving that the good things in life must be shared, or you would end up feeling sick from the rich food.

Cold poached chocolate

We had a cold poached chocolate ($5.60) which came with a huge swirl of cream on top. The cold poached chocolate at the bottom was very rich. Pooh Bear said it was like a very, very, very dense dark chocolate mousse. The flavors were so rich and concentrated that it felt like I was eating a whole bar of chocolate.

White chocolate butterscotch block

We also tried a slice of the white chocolate butterscotch block ($6.50). I liked the generous serving of rich, creamy butterscotch and the white chocolate cream was smooth and creamy. However, I felt that there was too much white chocolate cream and too little cake. It would be better if the cream and cake ratio was more balanced.

Of the two, we preferred the cold poached chocolate.

Awfully Chocolate
1 HarbourFront Walk, #01-156 VivoCity, Singapore
Tel: +65 64109725

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