Rock & Ash burgers and fries

UPDATE: This stall had closed down.

Rock & Ash

Pooh Bear and I tried the Rock & Ash stall at the basement of Clementi Mall. The selling point for Rock & Ash was the many different sauces that you could chose to go with your burger or fries. Thinking that it was just another fast food stall, I wasn’t expecting a lot from it; there wasn’t even a sitting area so it was just pack and go. So I was pleasantly surprised when the burgers turned out to be quite good. The burgers and fries were not just good for a fast food stall at the basement of a shopping mall; they were good burgers and fries in general. The burgers and fries were only cooked after we placed our orders so it needed a few minutes of waiting time.

Beef burger with spicy cheese sauce

I had a beef burger ($4.90). The burgers all came with shredded lettuce, a slice of tomato and your choice of sauce. I chose the spicy cheese sauce. The cheese sauce contained little bits of chilli which gave it the heat. Despite the scary sounding name of “Inferno Cheese”, it wasn’t very spicy. There was a bit of kick in the beginning and then afterwards, you would hardly notice it. Ditto for the cheese sauce which was quite runny and after a few bites, Pooh Bear and I hardly noticed it was there. But the good thing was that the beef patty was flavorful and the burger did not need any sauce to make it a good burger. There was a nice crusty char on both sides of the thick patty. The meat was tender and mixed with some tiny green bits of something we could not identify. Pooh Bear thought it could be seaweed.

Chicken cutlet burger with BBQ sauce

Pooh Bear had the chicken cutlet burger ($3.90) and chose the BBQ sauce. The BBQ sauce was slightly more sweet than tangy. It wasn’t a bad sauce but there was nothing really special about it either; it just tasted like a normal BBQ sauce. Like the beef burger, the meat was where the burger really shone. The chicken cutlet was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It did not have a oily taste and I would have eaten it even if it did not came with any sauce.

Two small fries with sauce

We bought a small fries ($3.90) each to go with our burgers. The fries were good; crispy and yet fluffy inside. Each small fries came with a dip; medium fries had two dips while large fries had three dips. The choices for the dips were the same as what you could put on the burger so Pooh Bear and I made sure we did not pick any duplicates.


We picked a beef sauce and a lemon sauce. The minced beef were mixed with some spicy cheese sauce and tasted great. It tasted meaty, a little salty, spicy and cheesy. We liked the beef sauce very much but we could not say the same for lemon sauce. It was runny and sweet. Pooh Bear felt it was more like a dessert sauce. The sauce wasn’t really that bad but it did not go with the salty fries.

Rock & Ash
3155 Commonwealth Avenue West, Clementi Mall #B1-K11, Singapore
Tel: +65 66595586


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