Lunch at Kenny Rogers Roasters


I met Keropi and Mao Mao for lunch at Kenny Rogers. We let Keropi picked the place as she was quite particular about the smell of garlic due to her condition. It was nice to see Keropi even though she looked like she had a watermelon hidden under her blouse. She was only three days away from giving birth and soon there would be another addition to her family.

Mao Mao arrived first and I met up with her outside the restaurant. Then we received Keropi’s sms that she was caught in a jam and would be late. Showing me the handphone screen, Mao Mao said, “I knew it!” So we went to walk around the mall and checked out the various shops and eateries. Then Keropi arrived and we went back to the restaurant.

Corn muffins

Keropi was already seated in the restaurant with three of Kenny Roger’s famous corn muffins on the table, one for each of us. I’m not a big fan of the corn muffins in the past, but tastes changed as one grew older and I found them quite okay today. As they had been sitting on the table for a while, they were no longer warm. There was an outer hard layer like a biscuit while the inside was dense and soft. I preferred the hard layer rather than the soft inside and finding bits of corn in the muffin still feels weird. I ate about half of it and gave the rest to Keropi because there were more tasty food which needed my attention.

Roast chicken pita

I did not have breakfast so I was feeling very hungry. So were the rest. In the end we ended up ordering quite a lot. There were only three of us but we ordered four meals. Each meal came with two sides so we also had eight sides altogether. Keropi and Mao Mao had the quarter chicken. I was too lazy to wrestle with bones so I chose the roast chicken pita. I thought it looked rather small in the menu but it turned out to be this humongous thing when my plate arrived. It was stuffed with lots of shredded chicken meat, some shredded cheese, some shredded lettuce and other veggies. All these were drizzled with the restaurant’s special sauce which was rather light. I would prefer stronger flavors but this was just my own personal preference. The slightly warm, soft pita bread could hardly hold all the ingredients together. I needed both hands just to hold it.

Chicken bread bowl

We also ordered a chicken bread bowl. It arrived warm. The bread was springy and as you peeled it off, flakes of the thin crust would dropped all over the place. The bread was light and airy but it was able to hold its creamy contents for the whole meal. We enjoyed it and the chunky sauce was filling.


Each of us had our own macaroni and cheese but we shared the rest of the five sides. The sides were not bad and quite substantial. I tried so many that I forgot which was which.

The amazing thing was we managed to finish most of the food. With some satisfaction, Mao Mao said that we had done a good job. We were too full to eat any desserts so we just sat at the restaurant and chit-chat until it was time to go.

Kenny Rogers Roasters
238 Thomson Road, #03-23/25 Velocity @ Novena Square, Singapore
Tel: +65 62532433

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