Toby’s Estate

Cafe latte

Mao Mao and her husband brought me to Toby’s Estate, a place that served good coffee. We walked a bit to the place so as to work off what we ate for lunch. Toby’s Estate was a bright airy place with high ceiling. Near the entrance was a big metal machine, probably used for roasting or grinding coffee. In front of the counter was a long wooden table where customers could sit to drink their coffee. Or you could also sit at the high ledge running along the other side of the room. There were no groups of tables or chairs like what you would find in Coffee Bean or Starbucks.

The moment I stepped inside, I could smell the lovely scent of fresh coffee. I’m not a knowledgeable coffee drinker so all I could say was that the coffee here was pretty nice. I preferred this place to Forty Hands which was more cramped and could be quite stuffy and hot if you sit at the back. Mao Mao and I had a cafe latte each while her husband had a flat white and then a black. The flat white was quite nice, I think I might order that the next time. Mao Mao and I didn’t like the black coffee and we said that it was sour. “Not sour, acidic,” Mao Mao’s husband corrected us. We rolled our eyes.

Sticky bun

We tried some buns which Mao Mao said came from The Bread Project. We had a sticky bun which tasted like a cinnamon roll.

Orange tart

We also had an orange tart. I didn’t like the perfumery orange scent or taste. As this wasn’t the only time, I concluded that I don’t really like oranges in my desserts.

Toby’s Estate
8 Rodyk St. #01-03/04, Singapore
Tel: +65 66367629

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