Eclair Cream Puff from Beard Papa Sweets

UPDATE: This stall had closed down.

Eclair cream puff

I loved the cream puffs from Beard Papa Sweets. It was a luxurious treat; a light airy puff filled with lots of fresh vanilla cream. For a long time, I thought it was the best cream puff that could be found in Singapore. But recently I had the opportunity to try the Eclair Cream Puff ($2.70) and found that it was really quite nice.

Eclair cream puff

The chocolate cream inside the puff was similar enough to the vanilla cream puff ($2.20) that apart from the color and the faint taste of chocolate, there was not much difference between the two. But what elevated the eclair cream puff to the next level and made it worth the extra $0.50, was the thick chocolate coating that covered the top of the puff, filling each mouthful with a rich chocolate flavor.

Beard Papa Sweets
1 Harbourfront Walk, #B2-K14 VivoCity, Singapore
Tel: +65 63769406

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