My cousin got married!

My whole family attended my cousin’s wedding lunch today. She was only two years younger than me so we had grown up together. Seeing her on the stage, I was suddenly struck by the realization that she was no longer the little girl that I had played cops and robbers with and was now a pretty bride. It felt as if the years had flown by in an instant and I suddenly felt a little teary.

My cousin's wedding

But if I felt a little teary at seeing the little girl all grown and getting married, her elder sister had it worse. Throughout the groom’s speech, she had her face glued to the camcorder, silently recording the whole event. When the speech ended and the newlyweds were walking off the stage, she finally turned and looked at us with her whole face covered in tears. Her neighbor quickly passed her some tissues. It was such a comical sight that I had to draw a picture of it.


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