Drips Bakery Cafe

After lunch, we went to Drips Bakery Cafe dessert. Mao Mao said it was run by a ex-Shangri-La pastry chef. The whole cafe felt bright and airy. It wasn’t a big place and when we arrived it was packed. Luckily we managed to find an empty table right at the back.

Drips specialty iced tea

Mao Mao’s husband said coffee was not their specialty so I had the Drips Specialty Iced Tea which came with slices of lime and lemon. The drink was quite nice although I couldn’t really taste the tea.

All the pastries looked really nice and we shared a few of them. The first one we tried was strawberries, blackberries and custard on croissant. Mao Mao and I were surprised when we poked the croissant with our forks and found it hard. The fruits and the custard were nice but I did not like the croissant much because it felt like it was stale. To clarify, I have nothing against stale bread as long as it was meant to be stale on purpose. In this case, I did think that stale croissant was used on purpose because the fruits and custard were very fresh. However I could not quite get used to the hard croissant as I kept feeling that croissant should be soft.

Macadamia nut pie

Next we tried the macadamia nut pie which was a favorite of Mao Mao’s husband. I am not a nut pie person but this pie was really quite nice. The chunky pieces of macadamia nuts were tasty but it was the pastry that was the star of the dish.

Strawberries and blackberries tart

Lastly we had the strawberries and blackberries tart which was nice as well. The base was the same delicious pastry used in the macadamia nut pie while the fruits on top were fresh. The strawberries used were quite huge (slightly smaller than the palm of my hand) and had a nice fragrance and delicate sweetness.

Drips Bakery Cafe
82 Tiong Poh Road, Singapore
Tel: +65 62220400

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