The Beef House

Beef noodles

I met Mao Mao at East Coast Park today. We went for a walk while her husband played futsal with his friends. After his game, they brought me to The Beef House, a beef noodles eatery in Joo Chiat, which they said was very nice. It was located in the middle of a maze of shophouses. Since it was my first time at the eatery, I decided to have a typical dish – dry kway tiao with mixed beef.

The beef noodles came with a mixture of tender sliced beef, small chunks of beef and two beef balls floating in a clear soup. Unlike most beef noodles, the soup was clear and not dark. But it didn’t mean that it was mild; the soup had a lot of beefy flavor. I loved the dark brown sauce used for the dry noodles which was fragrant and very tasty. It was also not too salty. Mao Mao said the sauce was nice because of the sesame oil. I liked the sauce so much that I drank up every drop of it.

The Beef House
Address: 153 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427429


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