Tomi Sushi

Tomi Sushi

I met Bell for lunch at Tomi Sushi. Before going to the restaurant, Bell warned me that the prices were not cheap but the quality was good.

Nigiri Sakura set

Both of us had the Nigiri Sakura set ($28 before taxes).


The salad was drizzled in a tasty sesame sauce. I wished there was more of the sauce so it could cover the taste of the veggies.

Chicken karaage

The chicken karaage was not bad and came in two big pieces. The outside was crispy but the meat inside felt a little dry.


The chawanmushi was soft and smooth.


The sushi was the star of the set and consisted of chutoro, hamachi, maguro, squid, prawn, ark shell, salmon roe and a piece of sweet egg omelet. The quality was good and the fish was thickly sliced. Unlike most restaurants, it did not come with a pinch of wasabi at the side because the wasabi was already added to the sushi. You could tell that the sushi was well made because when I turned it upside down to drip the fish into the soy sauce, the sushi did not fall apart. Tomo Sushi provided two different kinds or soy sauce – one for sushi and one for sashimi, so be sure to use the correct one.


The miso soup came with two meatballs which was a pleasant surprise. The meatballs were soft and tasty.

Tomi Sushi
238 Thomson Road, #02-76-77, Novena Square (Velocity), Singapore
Tel: +65-62552355


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