Hummus and pate from ThreeSixty Market Place

Last month I bought some hummus and pate from the gourmet supermarket at Ion – Three Sixty Market Place. My main aim was the hummus because I had a craving for it. Then I spotted some pate and was reminded of the pate used in the Saigon Sandwich. Since I felt that not enough pate was used, I decided to buy a tub so that I can spread as much as I like on the bread.


The hummus was packed a day earlier (I bought it on 22 Oct) so I suspect that it was leftovers from the deli counter. It was quite nice, thick with a bit of tartness and a tinge of the spices. It goes very well with bread, even white bread will do. Even though olive oil was already added, I found that it helps to add a bit more olive oil so that it would be smoother.


The pate was quite expensive and cost slightly below $20. There were three types of pate but the labels were all in French and there was no English description. I picked this because it contained the only word I recognized. No, it isn’t “olives”.


The pate had a rather strong meat smell. On first impression, it looks rather unappetizing but I hoped that it tasted better than it looks.


I toasted some bread, buttered them and spread the pate on top. The pate was the more chunky type with bits of meat. It had a gamey taste which not everybody would like. But I quite like it. Even though I did not spread a lot of pate on the bread, it was meaty enough to leave me with a satisfied feeling.

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