Doodle – Pasta Noodle & Wine Bar

UPDATE: This restaurant had moved to Novena Square.

The Sweet Spot

Bell and I went for lunch at Doodle. It was a small eatery with a casual atmosphere. You could order one of their pasta dishes or choose to make your own. Being too lazy to look through the list of ingredients, I decided to go for The Sweet Spot ($11.80) which was fusilli pasta with pulled pork stew. It didn’t seem like a lot but there was just about enough pork to go with the pasta. Of course it never hurts to have more meat. The stew was tasty and I drank up every drop. I don’t really like fusilli in general but I supposed there was a reason that the twirly pasta was used for this dish.

Laksa Lips

Bell had the Laksa Lips ($11.50) which was laksa ingredients cooked with linguine. It was a little spicy even though there was no chilli icon beside it in the menu. It was tasty and I felt it was more interesting than my dish. There was a variety of ingredients and I liked the laksa cream sauce which was not too wet. I also preferred linguine over fusilli. I wondered if I’m having a “grass is greener on the other side” moment?

Doodle – Pasta Noodle & Wine Bar
8 Sinaran Drive,  #02-01/02/03, Oasia Hotel, Singapore
Tel: +65-66597957

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