Using Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions is a program that allows you to read ebooks that are protected by the Digital Rights Management (DRM) scheme. Library ebooks and some eBookstores use this DRM scheme to protect the ebooks from piracy. These ebooks can be read on most eReaders except for a few exceptions. To find out whether your eReader is supported, you can go to Recently Adobe removed the support for the Sony PRS-505 but there is a way to work around it.

I find that the Adobe Digital Editions is very simple program and used it mainly to load and transfer DRM books to my eReader. However you can use it to read ebooks and manage your library if you want to.

Adobe Digital Editions

After installing the Adobe Digital Editions on your computer, it will be empty until you loaded your ebooks. To add ebooks you already have on your computer, click on “Library” and then click “Add Item to Library”.

Adobe Digital Editions

By default, there will be four bookshelves – All Items, Borrowed, Purchases and Recently Read. As your library grows bigger, you might want to add more bookshelves to make it easier to sort. Just click on the “+” or “Options” on the bottom left to add more bookshelves. A window will pop up, asking you give a name to the bookshelf.

Adobe Digital Editions

When you borrow ebooks from the library or purchase them from one of the online eBookstores, you will be asked to download a .acsm file. For these .acsm files, you just need to double click on the file and it should automatically load in Adobe Digital Editions. If it doesn’t, then right click on the file and choose to open with Adobe Digital Editions. You will need an internet connection to verify the .acsm files.

Adobe Digital Editions

For borrowed books, there will be a light brown label on the top right corner of the book showing how many days you have left before the books expired and are no longer readable.

Adobe Digital Editions

To read the ebooks in Adobe Digital Editions, you can either double click on the book or click on a button on the top left.

Adobe Digital Editions

To flip the pages, you can use “Page Up” or “Page Down” or the directional arrows. Once a book is opened, several new options will appear on the top right corner. You can see the current page. You can print the book if your book is available for printing. The icon is currently grayed out because my book is a library book and does not allow printing. You can also bookmark your book or choose between different viewing options.

Adobe Digital Editions

Click on this icon to get back to your library.

Adobe Digital Editions

To port the books to your eReader, you have authorize Adobe Digital Editions with an Adobe ID. Then all you need to do is to connect it to your computer. If your device is one of those supported, it will automatically appear as the last item on your bookshelf. You just need to drag and drop the books onto your eReader. Remember to eject your eReader before you unplug it from your computer.

Adobe Digital Editions

All ebooks borrowed from the Singapore National Library will automatically expired after 21 days. These ebooks will still remain in your library but you will not be able to read them. To remove them, you click on the book and a small arrow will appear on the top left. Click on the arrow and you can either choose to delete the book from your library or return to book if it has not expired yet. This will remove the ebooks from Adobe Digital Editions but the files may still remain on your computer. Therefore you will need to periodically check the “My Digital Editions” folder (usually found in “My Documents”) and manually delete the files.

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