How to transfer DRM ebooks onto Sony PRS-505

Recently Adobe Digital Editions removed support for Sony PRS-505 ereaders. It meant that I would not be able to load ebooks that I have borrowed from the library onto the eReader. I’m not sure why because the older Sony PRS-500 is still supported. It was frustrating because I do not like reading ebooks on my computer screen. Then I found a way to get around this problem.

First, download and install the Sony Reader for PC from Of course if you are using a Mac, then you have to use the Reader for Mac.

Like the Adobe Digital Editions, this program can also verify the DRM rights embedded in the ebooks. I’m not sure whether you need to have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer for it to work. I already have Adobe Digital Editions on my computer so I didn’t face any problems with I open DRM ebooks in the Sony Reader program.

Sony Reader for PC

After launching the program, there will be a popup message asking you to sign in to the Sony eBookstore. Unless you want to buy books from the Sony eBookstore, you can just close this window. The Sony eBookstore is currently only available to USA and Canada so no point signing up for an account if you do not live in these countries.

Sony Reader for PC

You can double click on the .acsm file and it should automatically load in the Sony Reader program. If it doesn’t, then you have to right-click on the file and choose to open it with Reader for PC.

Sony Reader for PC

Once it had verified the rights, you would be able to see the ebook displayed. You can read the ebook on your computer using the Sony Reader program or port it to your eReader. You can also manage your library and read ebooks using this program. To add other ebooks that you already have on your computer, you can either import a single file or import the whole folder.

Sony Reader for PC

In Adobe Digital Editions, there are bookshelves where you can put different books. In the Sony Reader program, it is call “Collections”. There are no default collections available so you have create new ones. Then you can start adding ebooks in your library to the collections.

Sony Reader for PC

To read a book, you just double click on it. You can flip through the pages using the left and right directional arrows. There are some new buttons on the lower right. You can mouse over them to view the functions but I will just quickly run through some of them. Under Settings, you can choose the font size and whether you want to display single page or double pages. You can also set a bookmark or go into full screen mode. I thought the full screen mode was pretty nice. Click on “Back” on the lower left to go back to your library.

How to port DRM ebooks onto Sony PRS-505

Sony Reader for PC

To load the ebook onto your Sony PRS-505, connect the eReader to the computer using the cable. You will see a new tab for the eReader appear at the top.

Sony Reader for PC

The click on the book you want to transfer to the eReader and a red border will appear around it. This means the book has been selected. Hold Ctrl and click if you want to select more than one book. Then click “More Actions” and choose “Sync with Reader Device” to transfer the ebooks. This will only transfer the ebooks you have selected. If you have other ebooks on the eReader, they will be removed.

Sony Reader for PC

If you click on the Reader tab, you will see your ebook listed meaning that the transfer is successful. However apart from listing the books on the eReader, there is no other function available for you. You cannot delete the ebooks from your eReader on this page. You can either delete it using the delete function in the device or remove it in the next sync. As usual, remember to eject your eReader before disconnecting it from your computer.

Sony Reader for PC

If you want to sync the whole library and the collections, click on the Reader tab and then click on the Sync button. You will be brought to this screen where you can select what you want to sync. Click on “Sync Now” to begin the sync. Once the sync is done, click on the “Disconnect” button before you disconnect your reader from the computer.

Sony Reader for PC

To return the book you have borrowed from the library, you have selected the book and then click on “More Actions” and select “Return Borrowed Book”. This will return the book and automatically remove it from your library.


2 thoughts on “How to transfer DRM ebooks onto Sony PRS-505

  1. I do fine until I plug my Sony PRS 505 into the USB port; I don’t get the new ‘reader’ tab so can’t import the book from my computer to my PRS. Any suggestions?

    1. You might want to try reformatting the ereader to see if it helps. The reformat option is under settings in the ereader, but be warned that this step will delete all the content in your ereader.

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