Cedele @ Wheelock Place

I met Bell for lunch at the Cedele outlet at Wheelock Place. The place was packed and service was slow. It took quite a while for our food to arrive.

Chocolate milkshake

I had a chocolate milkshake which wasn’t thick but still tasted rich and chocolaty. It seemed that cocoa powder was mixed into the drink to give it a rich chocolatey taste. I was quite sure that I tasted cocoa powder. So I got Bell to try it and she agreed that it tasted like cocoa powder was added.

We ordered two types of sandwiches and shared half each so that we could have a taste of each. Both sandwiches tasted so good that Bell lamented that she would not know which to pick the next time she visits Cedele.

Beef and bacon sandwich

We had a beef patty and bacon sandwich which was tasty. The bacon was crispy while the beef patty was flavorful. The patty was smaller than the bread so it meant that you will finish eating the meat before the bread.

Chicken, avocado and brie sandwich

The chicken, avocado and brie sandwich was lighter in taste but also quite tasty. The grilled chicken, creamy avocado and soft cheese went well together. I liked that there was a nice thick slice of brie in the sandwich. This sandwich was thicker than the beef sandwich so it was a bit harder to eat.

501 Orchard Road #03-14, Wheelock Place, Singapore
Tel: +65-67328520


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