Meatballs for reunion lunch

We would be having a reunion lunch at my uncle’s house on Monday so mother asked me if I could make some meatballs for the occasion. Since my uncle’s wife had always been very generous in providing me with food, it was time for me give something back in return.


I made my meatballs in the usual way, using minced pork, onion, garlic, water chestnut, egg, bread and a bit of this and that (meaning whatever else that caught my fancy). Mother helped to diced the onions, garlic and water chestnut so it saved me quite a bit of labor. In the middle, I added some young Gouda cheese.


I made the meatballs much smaller this time. So my relatives who liked to pretend that they had dainty mouths could eat them easily. But making small meatballs took up more time. With all the practice, I was getting to be quite good at forming meatballs with one hand.


I seared the outside of the meatballs, then cooked them in the  tomato sauce. I think I added a bit too much water again. These would be kept in the fridge until Monday. I felt they tasted better after keeping them overnight.


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