Hello 2012!


Second last sunset of 2011

Not to sound like a pessimist but when I woke up this morning, I couldn’t help remembering something that someone once said years ago: “Same shit, different year”. That thought kept running through my mind today. Today was the first day of the new year but it really did feel like any other day. I did not feel any excitement about a new year or even feel like setting new goals or resolutions. Life just goes on as usual. And when you have no expectations, it is hard to be disappointed.

As for 2011? There were bad times but there were good times and a trip that still felt amazing and wonderful six months later. Here’s to more good times (hopefully).

PS: Pooh Bear suggested that I changed the look of my blog because the old one was too “hua hua (flowery)” for my personality. I know Mao Mao would agree too.

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