Spider and I went to Ootoya at Clementi Mall for lunch. The restaurant seemed to cater for the more health-conscious because the calorie count was listed for each item in the menu. We could also request to change the rice to the five grain rice at no extra charge.

Butadon set

I had a butadon set which came with two sets and a bowl of miso soup. I took a look at the green veggies on my tray and muttered “I felt like I’ve been tricked into a health food restaurant.” Spider laughed. Despite my grumblings, I ate up all veggies (which I hate) first so that I could enjoy the rest of the food (which I like) at my leisure.

Potato salad

Even the potato salad felt healthier than the usual potato salads found in Japanese restaurants. In addition to the potatoes, there were cucumbers, corn and carrots mixed in.


The butadon also had some green leaves on it. I had eaten butadons before and they usually just consisted of pork and rice. This was the first time so much greenery had appeared in a bowl of butadon. The slices of pork were nicely grilled and covered with a sweetish savory sauce.

Katsudon set

Although the butadon was nice, I couldn’t help glancing over at Spider’s katsudon set. It looked really yummy too. The pork cutlet had a layer of fat. This would put some people off but I loved it. The deep fried fat was juicy and went really well with a bit of rice. I’ve decided that I’m going to order this if I go back to the restaurant again. Maybe I could persuade Mao Mao to go by telling her that it’s a Japanese health food restaurant. Hmm…

3155 Commonwealth Ave West, #03-53 The Clementi Mall, Singapore
Tel: +65-66592644

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