Seoul Yummy Korean Casual Dining

Spicy pork hotplate

Bell and I went for lunch at Seoul Yummy Korean Casual Dining. The restaurant was packed with people and the seating  arrangement felt a little cramped. I had the spicy pork hotplate which came with some vinegar radish, kim chi and cold tofu. Half of the hotplate was filled with veggies so I ate that first. I also ate the radish and tofu but I gave the kimchi to Bell.

Spicy pork hotplate

Even though Bell said that the food wasn’t really spicy, I found the pork to be a bit spicy but fortunately still within my limits. I liked the thinly-sliced pork which was stir-fried with onions. But my stomach did not like the spiciness and made its complaints known later in the day.

Seoul Yummy Korean Casual Dining
10 Sinaran Drive, Novena Square 2, #03-68, Singapore
Tel: +65-63976939


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