Marigold Peel Fresh yuzu juice drink

Marigold Peel Fresh yuzu drink

Mao Mao tipped me off about this drink since she knew that I like yuzu-flavored drinks. I immediately dropped by the supermarket on the way home to buy a carton. Once back, I eagerly opened the carton which still remained chilled during the 15 min walk from the supermarket to my home. I could smell its lovely citrus fragrance as I poured it into a cup. This was not a concentrate and could be drank straight from the carton, which I did. The drink had a light refreshing flavor that felt a little like grapefruit, a little like lemon and a little like lime. I didn’t find it too sweet (I have a sweet tooth) but Mao Mao did. So as an experiment, I tried adding some water to dilute the sweetness. I found that it seemed to taste even better when the sweetness was diluted because the tangy flavor became more prominent.


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