Jumbo stroopwafel


I bought some stroopwafels (3 for $5) from Candy Empire. Stroopwafels are two thin layers of waffles struck together with a caramel-like syrup filling. These were called jumbo so they were bigger than the ones I ate in Netherlands. In reality, they were only just a bit bigger and definitely not jumbo-sized.


Taste-wise, it was pretty much the same as what I had ate in Netherlands. The syrup filling was sticky and it glued the thin waffles tightly together like superglue. I liked it although it was quite sweet. It was so sweet that I could only eat only at a time. But I imagined that it should go well with unsweetened coffee or tea.


3 thoughts on “Jumbo stroopwafel

  1. Hi SP..
    Yep.. that’s the only brand I could find here too in Singapore. Do you know if there’s anyone making them fresh here?

  2. OMG.. you guys gotta try the stroopwafels from Hooked On Wafels. Came accrossed their FB from a friend you ‘liked’ them in FB. Freshly baked! i can’t tell u how to describe it 🙂 love them seriously!
    Hey Luke, seems that your dream comes true 🙂 You gotta pre advance order tho’, they told me peak season also might be diff to accept order. But anyway, i’m a cookie junkie, and i can tell that they use good stuff in their stroopwafels. Check out their Facebook! or email them: hookedonwafels(at)yahoo(dot)com

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