I had eaten at Kazokutei twice. The first time was with Pooh Bear at Plaza Singapura and the second time was with Keropi and Mao Mao at Junction 8. I came to the conclusion that the portions were rather small. While I did not leave the restaurant hungry, I did not feel very full either. I had tried their omurice and noodles which seemed to be the restaurant’s specialty. Of the two, I preferred the omurice.

Omurice lunch with Pooh Bear on 24 Nov 2011


I ate the omurice for lunch. The set I ordered came with some some fried chicken covered with chunky egg mayo-like sauce. There was a cup of creamy corn soup and some fries on the side. I thought the fries looked out of place and did not complement the rest of the food. I suspected that the role of the fries was merely to make sure that we did not leave the restaurant hungry.


The omurice was tasty. The egg was soft, fluffy and still a little runny. The rice was flavored with ketchup and quite tasty. Then the whole thing was drizzled generously with a brown sauce. The fried chicken was tasty as well and goes well with the chunky creamy sauce. I like the omurice but I couldn’t say the same thing for the fries, which were a bit dry. There was no ketchup to drip them in so we ate them plain. I wondered if we were meant to eat the fries with the brown sauce?


Pooh Bear and I also ordered a katsu (pork cutlet) to share. The katsu was not bad and coated with crispy breadcrumbs.

Udon and soba dinner with Keropi and Mao Mao on 10 Jan 2012

Cold udon and soba

I really like the omurice but this time I decided to try the noodles as it seemed to be the restaurant’s specialty. I had a cold udon and soba set with kakiage (cluster of deep fried veggies and shrimps).

Cold udon and soba

The udon was smooth and chewy while the soba was normal. I still preferred the soba at Shimbashi Soba.


The kakiage was quite nice with a thin, crispy batter coating. I finished all of it. Everything deep fried tasted nicer, even veggies.

Vegetable tempura

We also shared a plate of tempura veggies which consisted of pumpkin, carrot, eggplant and mushroom. The tempura  was quite nice but Keropi and Mao Mao commented that the tempura sauce was quite tasteless.

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