Kingyo Japanese Dining

Bell and I had dinner at Kingyo Japanese Dining before we went to watch a play at the Esplanade. It was our first time trying the restaurant and both of us were pleasantly surprised that the food was pretty good. Bell and I decided to go for the bento sets instead of ordering ala carte. Even though the bento sets were divided into lunch bentos and dinner bentos, we were informed that if we wanted to order the lunch bentos for dinner, we could do so. It would be just $3 extra.

Kingyo bento set

I ordered the Kingyo Bento set ($30) which came with six dishes and a bowl of miso soup. Bell drank the miso soup first and exclaimed that it was tasty but it could also be because she was feeling hungry. Since she rarely praised miso soup, I also tried the miso soup out of curiosity. Bell was right, it was quite tasty even though it looked like the typical miso soups served in Japanese restaurants with spring onions and cubes of tofu.


The salad was a simple one, made of lettuce and red cabbage and sprinkled with some sesame seeds. It was drizzled with a ponzu sauce which made the bland veggies tasted yummy.


I thought the eel portion looked much bigger in the menu photo and Bell agreed with me. Despite the portion being smaller in real life, the eel was still as tasty as it looked. It was melt-in-your-mouth tender and flavorful.


The tempura consisted on two prawns and eggplant. It was covered in a light and crispy batter. I could taste the sweet freshness of the prawns.

Century egg tofu

This was cold tofu covered in century egg sauce and topped with some roe, spring onions and the whites of century eggs. I first tasted it probably five or six years ago. It was only available at one restaurant then, but now it could be found at various Japanese restaurants as other chefs added it to their menus. So I guess this dish must be pretty popular. If you liked century eggs, you will love this dish.


The sashimi was good. The fish was fresh and were quite thickly sliced. There were two slices of salmon, two slices of tuna, two slices of yellow tail and a amaebi (sweet shrimp).


I loved the sushi as well. My favorite was the salmon which was lightly grilled so that it still remained raw on the inside. It was so tender that it seemed to melt away in the mouth.

As we left the restaurant, Bell said, “Let’s come back again.”

Kingyo Japanese Dining
6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-03 Marina Square, Singapore 039594
Tel: +65-63384486

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