Loysel’s Toy

Mao Mao and her husband brought me to Loysel’s Toy which was a tiny coffee place hidden in a ulu place. It couldn’t be seen from the main road but despite it’s location, it seemed to be well-known and there were already many people when we arrived. We got a table in the back of the shop. It was open air and the weather was great for sitting outdoors; not too sunny and pretty breezy.

Lemon olive oil and banana dark chocolate ice-cream

We first tried the ice-cream. We bought two flavors – lemon olive oil and banana dark chocolate. Both ice-creams were very flavorful. The lemon olive oil ice-cream was too lemony for Mao Mao’s husband and me but Mao Mao loved the sourness. I could see a lot of lemon zest in the ice-cream which overpowered the flavor of the olive oil. None of us could taste any olive oil at all. As for the banana dark chocolate, it was rich and thick, but once again one flavor dominated and overpowered the other. Mao Mao and I could only taste the dark chocolate and not the banana although her husband said that he could taste a bit of banana. Because we sat outdoors, the ice-cream melted fast and dripped all over the table.

Lemon tart

We also had a lemon tart which was creamy and lemony. It wasn’t as lemony as the ice-cream so the sourness level was what I could accept. The pastry was nice and buttery. But this tart was so sweet that it turned everything else we ate afterwards a bit bland and sometimes even bitter.


Mao Mao ordered a piccolo for me which was, according to her, somewhere between a latte and a cappuccino. Unfortunately, the sweetness of the ice-cream and tart that I ate beforehand made the coffee tasted bitter. I thought the cup looked rather small.

Peanut butter chocolate cake

We decided to order a peanut butter chocolate cake when Mao Mao’s husband went for his second round of coffee. It was very nice and we felt it was the best of the three that we had tried. The chocolate cake with rich and moist with thin layers of peanut butter cream. Everything complemented each other so well that I could not stop eating it. I would not mind coming back again just for this cake. The only thing that I did not like was the chopped peanuts that lined the side of the cake but maybe other people appreciated the extra crunch.

Loysel’s Toy
66 Kampung Bugis, Ture, #01-01, Singapore 338987
Tel: 94510236


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