Pan-fried buns and sweet potato pancakes

I went to Putien Restaurant to buy some 煎包 (pan-fried buns). There were also some 番薯饼 (sweet potato pancakes) available so I both some of that too. I had to wait for 10 mins for them to cook a new batch so the staff invited me to take a seat in the restaurant. Then one of them passed me a cup of hot chrysanthemum tea to drink while I wait. There was even an ice cube floating in the tea so that it would would cool down rapidly.

Pan-fried buns

The pan-fried bun had a soft and slight chewy skin. The bun was filled with turnip, vermicelli, mushroom or black fungus and some scraps of pork. The buns were quite tasty although on their own, the buns were quite ordinary.


What really elevated the buns to the status of something special was the sauce that came with it. It was a tangy, spicy and very garlicky sauce. The garlic flavor was very strong but I love garlic so it was not a problem for me. I just need to remember not to eat this when I have to see my boss as the garlic is so strong that you will have a garlic breath for a couple of hours.

Sweet potato pancake

The sweet potato pancake was deep fried so it was very oily. By the time I got home, the oil had soaked through half of the paper bag. The pancake was stretchy and surprisingly not as sweet as I had expected. The exterior was covered with some crispy bits while the inside seemed to be a thin layer of sweet potato puree. The pancake was really too oily to eat more than one at a time without feeling sick. I didn’t really took to it but my mother thought it was quite nice.

Putien Restaurant
VivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk, #03-01B Food Republic, Singapore 098585
Tel: +65-63769358

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