Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant

After the repairman came and fixed my pc, I went to meet Bell for lunch. She brought me to Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant which was at Oasia Hotel. We both ordered the February lunch special which was the Tokubetsu Set ($28.60).

Sweet corn salad

First, we were given the sweet corn salad which was drizzled with a ponzu and sesame oil dressing. I’m glad that sesame oil was added as it made the raw veggies smelled and tasted better. Bell felt the dressing was too sour for her liking but I found it to be still within my limits.

Semi-grilled sushi

Then came the platter of assorted semi-grilled sushi. Semi-grilled sushi seemed to be the restaurant’s specialty. Each sushi was drizzled with a different sauce. Each sauce tasted different; some were spicy, some were creamy and some were tangy. Apart from the scallop, Bell and I couldn’t really tell what fish was used for the other five sushi. But whatever fish they were, they were tasty and very soft.

Grilled skewers

We were given two grilled skewers and some Japanese sweet potatoes. One of the skewer was salmon while the other was chicken. They were grilled just right and remained tender and juicy. There was some mustard on the side, but the meat was so tasty that there was no need for it.

Salmon and sweet potato croquette

The salmon and sweet potato croquettes arrived piping hot. I wasn’t expecting much but these were really good. They tasted a little savory and a little sweet.

Sesame ice-cream

The set also came with miso soup and sesame ice-cream. When I wanted to take a photo of the ice-cream, my camera chose to run out of juice so I had to use my badly-scratched handphone camera instead.

Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant
8 Sinaran Drive, #01-05 Oasia Hotel, Singapore
Tel: +65-66596683


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