Beef pastrami sandwich @ Cedele


Felt like eating bread so I went to Cedele for dinner. I decided to splurge a little and had the soup + sandwich set. The staff told me that there were only 2 kinds of soup left and recited their names to me. But I couldn’t catch it because of his accent (either that or my hearing is going), so I just randomly pointed at one of the soups. The ingredients in the soup was all blended together, making it thick without the cream. It had the sweetness of vegetables.

Beef pastrami sandwich

I chose ciabatta for my beef pastrami sandwich. It wasn’t my first choice though. I wanted the grilled mushrooms sandwich which was unfortunately sold out. The sandwich contained two slices of beef pastrami, lettuce, tomato and mustard. The beef pastrami tasted salty and reminded me a little of the smoked duck that my mother liked to buy from Cold Storage. It was nice but the sandwich didn’t felt as interesting as some of the other sandwiches on Cedele’s menu.


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