Megumi Japanese Restaurant

Chirashi lunch bento

Mao Mao, Spider and I went to Megumi Japanese Restaurant for lunch. There were several lunch bentos available and they all cost $17.80. After debating over the choices, all of us decided to have the chirashi lunch bento in the end. It came with a salad, octopus in vinegar, three slices of salmon sashimi and a bowl of miso soup. The octopus was a bit too chewy for my liking but the light vinegar taste was quite nice. The fish was nice and fresh and I felt that the ratio of fish to rice was just nice. Mao Mao felt the miso soup was a little bland.


The bento set also came with a chawanmushi. The egg was silky soft and was topped with little bits of yuzu. There were mushrooms and fishcake in the egg. Mao Mao and Spider also found gingko nut in their chawanmushi but there was none in mine. When I pointed it out. Mao Mao said that I must have ate it without knowing because I gobbled my food. That’s not possible.


For sides, we had tamagoyaki ($3.80) which is a Japanese omelet. The egg was served cold and slightly sweet which was the way I like it.

Salmon skin

We also tried the salmon skin ($4.80) which was deep fried. It came with a dish of mayonnaise. The salmon skin  was crispy but there was not much flavor. It tasted rather bland, tasting neither salty (which was what I expected) or fishy. Mao Mao commented that if the salmon skin was left in the open for too long, it started to taste a little plasticy.

Chocolate ice-cream

To finish off, each of us were served a scoop of chocolate ice-cream. From the taste, we suspected that it was King’s ice-cream.

Megumi Japanese Restaurant
Blk 106 Clementi St 12 (Sunset Way), #01-64 Singapore 120106
Tel: +65-67791411

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