Mao Mao and I went to Medzs for dinner. The concept was similar to Marche. Before entering the restaurant, each of us were given a plastic card which we will be using to keep a record of our orders. Within the compound, there were stalls selling various dishes from several Mediterranean countries, like Turkey, Greece, France, Spain. After placing an order at one of the stalls, we had to hand over the plastic card given to us at the entrance. The staff will then key our order into the card and return it to us. Before exiting the compound, we had to give the plastic card to the cashier who will then total up our orders.

Sometimes we had to wait for a while for our orders. In cases like this, we would be given hand-sized devices which would vibrate and beep when our order was ready. I thought it was a good idea so that we do not need to stand round the stall waiting for our food to be ready. Each device had the name of the stall you ordered from, so no fear of you mixing up your orders.

Doner kebab beef sandwich

I ordered a doner kebab beef sandwich (S10.90) from the Turkey stall. It came with a salad and a slightly spicy sauce. I shared half of the sandwich with Mao Mao as it was too filling to eat the whole thing on my own.

Doner kebab beef sandwich

There was plenty of meat in the sandwich and it was pretty tasty. But it was dry and even adding the sauce did not make the sandwich moist. I wondered if ordering the chicken meat would be better.


Mao Mao went to the France stall and ordered some greens ($3.50). It was just simply some leaves with dressing and shavings of cheese. I asked her why she did not get a salad from the salad bar as it had more variety. Apparently she did not notice that the stall right opposite had a well stocked salad bar. Duh.

Veal sausages

Mao Mao also ordered a veal sausage set ($12.90) which came with two veal sausages, potatoes, salad and caramelized onions. I liked the sausages which were tender and quite tasty.


The third dish that Mao Mao ordered from the France stall was ratatouille ($4). There were eggplants, zucchini, bell peppers and probably a few other vegetables which I could not identify. I liked the dish which tasted of tomatoes and spices. In fact, I ate so much of it that Mao Mao complained that I ate two-thirds of the dish.

Bread and butter pudding

For dessert, I bought a bread and butter pudding ($4). It came with a saucer of vanilla cream. The top was covered with bread and below it was custard. It was buttery and creamy and the bread gave it some texture. It wasn’t as good as some that I had eaten before but it was still passable.

Creme brulee

I also bought a creme brulee ($4.50) which the staff told me was a best seller. Mao Mao and I didn’t like the creme brulee. Mao Mao felt the sugar layer on top was too thick while I thought it was overly rich, sweet, and creamy. In the end, both of us only managed to eat half of it. I much preferred the bread and butter pudding.

Non-alcoholic lime mojito

The creme brulee was so sweet and creamy that I went to buy a non-alcoholic lime mojito ($5) to wash away the taste from my mouth. My lime mojito was so sour that I could only sip a little at a time. But the good thing was it did take away the taste of the creme brulee from my mouth. Mao Mao ran out of patience waiting for me to finish my drink and threatened to leave me behind so that she could go shopping at H&M.

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Tel: 65-62389028

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